On the Road: The Original Scroll (Penguin Essentials)

On the Road - Jack Kerouac I had wondered a lot about the beat generation and I have to say that On The Road is a brilliant book. Not beautiful, mind you. I believe that this book is brilliant because it's real and it's a good portrait of the American society in the fifties. This reading is not something I can easily define. Although the book fascinated me in its entirety I would sometimes find myself distracted. The writing is somewhat difficult because it's continuous, dense and I wouldn't call it 'reader-friendly'. Nonetheless I read the book voraciously. All the characters fascinated me but mostly, Sal and Dean were the ones I was really interested in ( Kerouac and Cassidy). The concept of leave all behind and just travel appeals to me on a deep level. The feeling of not fitting anywhere. Of searching for something that's different. This book is filled with different kinds of journeys. Spiritual and physical ones. I would say I'm like Sal - trying to find my own place, my own mind, my own heart.I would say that there is a time in everyone's lives when we live "on the road" doing just that - trying to find where we belong. Some of us succeed, some don't because they can't find that place and forever roam trying to find where they belong. I think this book is about discovering oneself. It's also about understanding the ones that surround us. This is a modern classic, definitely. I strongly recommend it. I will have to read the original scroll in the future, though.