Witness in Death (In Death Series #10)

Witness in Death - J. D. Robb I finished Witness.I liked it. But it’s not extraordinary. After the two previous books which I thought were pretty good, I actually think this one is poorer. Despite that, I thought the crime was very original. One more time, Eve shows us what she’s worth and how much she’s perfect to handle police work.This title really reflects the whole book. I was sad to realize that once again the case has relations to Roarke’s work. Sadly, this is routine to this series. Although it’s hard to not have connections to Roarke – he’s just a powerful and known man – it would be much better not to see Roarke dragged to every case, because he owns this; because the knows the suspect. Whatever it is – Roarke has his hands on it. Boring.However this book shows us the life of the characters we love. That dinner Eve arranged was so beautiful. For the first time, I didn’t understand Roarke. What the hell? Eve is not romantic – but she cares. She surely doesn’t need to soften Roarke up with a romantic dinner. But it was cute to see Eve handle with flowers, plates, etc. At least Roarke was overwhelmed by it. Lovely. Omg. I so love Peabody and Mcnabb. They’re so cute. I look forward to see them together in every book I read. It’s wonderful to watch McNabb try to elude Delia to stay with him and to see him jealous of Charles. Poor MacNabb doesn’t know he’s competing with no one, really.For the first time I found who the killer was. Although I had other suspicions, I hated this character for the first minute and when Roarke stated “life imitates art”, she stayed branded into my memory.She didn’t convince me with the whole deal of two persons being one. It looks like this solution was found out of despair.