One Sweet Ride (Play by Play, #6) - Jaci Burton Another good story by Jaci Burton. This series is so very good. Especially when I'm in the mood to read something different. I don't think I've ever been captivated by a erotica series that much until I met Jaci's books. I like her characters and I like that she doesn't just focus on the sex part of the books. I like her plots, the barriers that the relationships have and the way characters overcome said barriers. Her stories are interesting and they are perfect light readings. For me, these Play by Play books are wonderful to take your mind off your problems and read about someone else's. *laughs*But yes, they are. I like 'em a lot. I was very curious to read about Gray since he has a difficult relationship with his dad and I've gotta say that the book was interesting in that regard but concerning Gray and Evelyn's relationship I liked it; it was sweet but somehow I was expecting more (that last part, the argument - meh). The author was very mean - I mean, Carolina and Drew! - that's got to be an amazing story! I need to read that book so badly. Oh guess I'll have to wait for 2014. *cries*