Dark Desires After Dusk (Immortals After Dark, #5) - Kresley Cole Kresley Cole seriously kills me with her books. All of them are serious page-turners. I read them voraciously and it's good, because it shows how much I like them but on the other hand sometimes I wish I had the strength to read them more slowly so I can enjoy the characters more. I feel like I say goodbye to them all too quickly. I was absolutely enthusiastic about Cadeon's book. I mean, Cade was in a tough spot since his female was human, hence, forbidden to his kind. I was excited to see how would Kresley Cole get around that undeniable fact and oh my, did she ever. One of the aspects I so love about Kresley books is that she always creates the perfect remedy for all the diseases. This romance was awesome in every aspect although I have to say that I expect more ... something of Holly, in the end. I'm willing to forget about that since the author taunted me mercilessly with Rydstrom's situation. I'm dying to read his book. I can't wait. *bites nails* I think it'll be perfect!