The Truth about Forever - Sarah Dessen This is one of those books which have to be read in a certain time of your life or in a certain state of mind. I really believe that I couldn't have read it in another time. That's because when I began reading this book, I didn't get past 30 pages. And that's because I felt I should read it in a better time. Two days ago, this friend of mine, told me that she thought it was best that I should read the book like, now. Be it, I thought to myself.I started the book from scratch and honestly, could I have loved this book more than I did? I do not think so. Because this was the perfect time for this book. For this story and for this message. From now on, I will think of this book as a little treasure in disguise. I never thought I could love this book so much, but how could I not?I think the best way to describe this book is:"Like everything else, a love or a wish or whatever, it was all in the way you read it."or"The way I see it is that some things are just meant to be the way they are."And this The Truth About Forever was meant to be the way it is. A new favourite for me.