Magic Burns - Ilona Andrews Compared to the previous book this one was a lot smoother. What had failed in the structure of Magic Bites has been repaired in Magic Burns.In general the quality of the book as a whole was pretty much the same, but this book is slightly better in some aspects than others. The structure of the book as I already said is more thoughtful and more rational. The passages between the scenes are smoother and this book also has more chapters which I consider pretty positive because the writing becomes more dynamic.But, I didn't think the whole mystery thing better than the first one. Well at least it was pretty obvious to me (what concerns Julie, I mean). What really worked for me was Curran. I'm happy to say (thrilled in fact) that he makes a lot more appearances in this book and there some scenes that made me speechless with emotion. About Kate... errr... let's just hope that her background isn't what I think it is. I want to be surprised.I've already started Magic Strikes... I'm in full swing. :D