Second Helpings  - Megan McCafferty I was so very convinced that the second instalment of Jessica Darling series couldn't possible be better than the first. I seem to continuously underestimated these books. Yes, because this book to me was... Perfect. Way better than the first because now that I know Jessica and her world I am hopelessly compelled to it all. I really wasn't expecting things to turn out as they did and so the surprise was so much sweeter than I could ever hope for. This book has touched so many things inside of me I can't even start to discriminate them one by one. All I can say is that when a book touches you as this one has touched me, there's nothing more you could ask for. This was... something. I can't exactly put these feelings into words so this attempt seems pointless but I know this though: this is a book which I'll hold dear for many years to come. (I felt like *squeeing* all the time.) “Crocodile LiesI confess, yes, our Fall was all my faultIf you kissed my eyes, your lips would taste saltBut you think my regret is a lie, and the tears I cryAre the crocodile kind.The sweat on your upper lip starts to boilWhite hot with anger, still convinced I'm your foilYou keep fighting me, though my eyes are freeFrom crocodile lies.You, yes, you, linger inside my heartThe same you who stopped us before we could startI didn't want to leave, but you began to believeYour own crocodile lies.The only person stopping you is yourself,You won't accept that I want no one else,So until you do, I'll let someone else have youEvery day I live the lie,But not the crocodile kind."