Blameless - Gail Carriger Another great book, I'll give you that. Despite that I was hoping that the author would be a little more forthcoming with certain details that are yet without an answer. That's seems to be a normal situation in a series but with only more 2 books I expected the author to reveal something more. We already knew Floote was a mysterious buttler, but in this book it's obvious that he's hiding some important and relevant information about Alexia's father and the child Alexia's carrying. The characters continue to experience a great evolution. Ivy and Floote are the most obvious examples. Lyall too but at a minor scale. This book was least satisfying than the previous because of certain aspects: it was less humorous, equally obvious plot and left some important questions unanswered. But on the other hand, it was more satisfying because: the plot was great, full of action and entusiastic. Let's hope Heartless answers some of my questions. *.*