Spellcast - Barbara Ashford One of the best discoveries of 2011! I finished Speelcast and I'm still speechless. I got curious about this book when I saw some reviews stating wonders about this novel by Barbara Ashford. I have to admit the title and the cover did some convincing too but how could I resist to such marvellous reviews? I don't normally buy books because of fantastic review. At least when I'm not certain the book can meet my expectations. But in this case I was enthralled by various factors and I couldn't resist buying this Spellcast. And it was a wonderful, sweet discovery. I'm truly happy to have discovered this author and this book. It was such a wonderful reading. I'm still reeling from those last few pages. I even re-read the final chapter 3 or 4 times not believing it was the end. Actually I'm still not convinced it is the end. How I am ever going to survive until June? I'm certain I'll die from anxiety until then. Despite that this book brought me many emotions. What a powerful and beautiful creation we have here. I loved the characters right from the start even though in the beginning I couldn't tell them apart. But as I devoured the book everything fell to the rights place and I just enjoyed the ride. And what a wild ride. Such a remarking, heart-breaking love story. I loved the plot, I loved everything in the book. And loved the cenario at Vermont. Oh, well, I loved it. *.*FAN-TAS-TIC. That's all I have to say. This is definitely a page-turner. I wish I had waited for the sequel to come out so I could have more of Crossroads Theatre. But why, oh why, couldn't I wait?!I just hope Spellcrossed will be as sweet as this one! I CAN'T wait!