Invincible (Chronicles of Nick #2) - Sherrilyn Kenyon Ok, not that bad. Considering this is a YA book I didn't expect more. I also didn't expect nothing better than the first book. Fortunately I can say that this book was much better than the first volume of this spin off series of DH; but I have to be honest: if it wasn't about Nick I'd soon give up. Come on, how much more can this go on? Twelve years? I'm sure I'm going to die without knowing the end of DH series. I think the author is exaggerating a lot. And I do mean a LOT. Each book that is released brings a whole new problem to be solve but instead of giving a solution to one problem and then create another, the author is constantly creating new important issues that have no solution... after 10 books. WTH?Booooooring! I hope the next book brings readers something worth reading. Ok, sure, I do like the books. But they could be a lot better. The series has been losing quality with every new release. I'm getting tired of this non-ending stuff. Get real... every series is destined to end. It' better to end with something cool and well-structured than to ruin everything because somebody wants to create more revenue over this.