Halfway to the Grave - Jeaniene Frost Real Rating: 3.5I just finished the first book of the Night Huntress series created by Jeaniene Frost. This Halfway to the Grave was a good read, contrary to my expectations. I'm not usually surprised by the firsts books of series but this was actually a good one. It left me wanting for more - at least for the next book, One Foot in the Grave. About the author I don't have much to say. Frost's writing is pretty agreeable and light. A set of characteristics that permits the readers to fly the pages by. It doesn't contain heavy vocabulary or too much descriptiveness and that allows the reading experience to flow more easily. It's not boring. As mentioned in the Acknowledgements section, the author really has a great imagination. An important and positive aspect for me.I really liked the plot and also the characters she presented in her book. I'm so very curious to know more about them.My first thought: Hmmm, great characters, so well structured. However, I do not want to dwell on this point because it's only the first book and I clearly haven't seen much though I'm waiting to be surprised instead of disappointed. Nonetheless the most thing important to say about this is that I think the characters were formed in a way so that the reader could connect to them. It really worked with me!Paranormal action, romance and an healthy dose of laughter are the ingredients of this book. Pretty powerful mixture. I've gotta say this, though. It's good to see that vampires can be interesting instead of just plain boring. I'm not really into this thematic but curiosity always gets the better of me, so I've read quite a number of books about these creatures of the night. I'm glad I found these! Let's see what the future books bring.. I'm curious. Let's hope my feelings don't change.