Survivor In Death - J.D. Robb Another great book in In Death series. Not the best one, I'm afraid. Nixie, the only survivor of a multiple homicide wasn't the character I was expecting. I didn't really create a bond with her. She only got in the way. If she was suspicious of strangers how come only hours later, she would get up and intrude Roarke's work? I didn't really liked the girl and Eve and Roarke are not yet prepared to be parents. They don't got what it takes. It doesn't mean that in the future they won't, but not just yet. They're not yet in that page.The case though was pretty exciting. I still can't imagine what kind of person does that kind of thing. It's pretty scary, the human being. I really felt sorry for the kid - how she lost her whole family and I found endearing Eve's attitude. The protection of the only survivor, a 9 year old child was an admirable attitude. Some characters of previous books appeared and it was pretty great to know how they've been doing. It was also great to see Webster again. Eve almost had a panic attack when Roarke appeared in her office. At least someone in this relationship feels jealousy. Get real - everyone who is remotely human feels a little jealousy now and then. It gets me confused and pissed off why Eve doesn't get that feeling now and then. So Roarke is the one who is human, after all (contrary to what Eve affirms).