Ashes of Midnight (The Midnight Breed, Book 6) - Lara Adrian This book is amazing. I'm glad that 28th June is almost here for another book of Lara Adrian. I'm so very content with this series that I can't put my feelings properly in words. I've always wanted to get to know Andreas Reichen better and I wasn't disappointed. Lara Adrian creates this amazing love stories that in the end you just want to cry for joy because the characters you love so dearly finally have their happy ending. I think she excelled herself in creating Andreas Reichen. He's just a complex, complicated, handsome man. That makes the perfect package. He and Tegan stayed in my memory and in my heart because of those characteristics. They're men that are worth fighting for. Just beautiful to watch them surrender to love. Although all warriors are complicated, complex and gorgeous men those two suffered pretty much for many, many years. (I'm just gone confess that Tegan was lost to me since I first read about his gem-green eyes - I can't help it).About Claire, I really liked her. She's a kind, strong woman. She puts other welfare above her own and she doesn't care if that is going to be bad for her. She was naïve because she wanted to be, in my POV. Her husband sends her to a country house and doesn't care for her - hell, he doesn't even care that everybody knows that he doesn't love her - so why bother and try to figure out what kind of man her husband his? She chose her path - or the path was chosen for her - that presented more personal security in a foreign country. I also believe that she chose to stay in Germany because of the proximity to Reichen and the possibility to know about his whereabouts. I know I'd do the same thing if I was Claire.I love these love stories, the ones that have a common background. The reunion is what I love more about these stories. It amazes me how the feeling still persists in the 30 years that passed without seeing each other or having contact with one another. I's so romantic, so lovely. Reichen surprised me. His ability that we knew nothing about is extraordinary. I was a little scared to read about his change although this change is comprehensible. It takes a will of iron to control that pyrokinesis'. I was glad to realize that in the end he literally played with fire and didn't get burn. I'd love to see Lara Adrian writing in another genre. She's amazing, has talent for words in spades so I'd really, really love to see her writing more books although I love Midnight Breed.