Veil of Midnight - Lara Adrian I love this series. It just gets better and better.Lara Adrian has a fantastic talent. The way she makes an event turn at an unexpected direction is just fabulous. It always surprises the readers and keeps them interested. Another great advantage in her writing is that this world is just as real as the one I live in. I love that. I'm always drawn to this world, to the details and politics of it. When reading a book of Midnight Breed , I'm always thinking how much I'd like to live in this world even with its dangers. I wouldn't mind at all to live in a Darkhaven. That would be awesome. This world has got everything it needs. Just think about it - gorgeous man, corrupt politicians, warriors, children...Well, if you don't count with sunlight, you have a perfect life. Everything is in its right place. That is what makes me crave for a book of Midnight Breed. I liked Nikolai and he makes a perfect family man. I loved to see all the family in the compound reunited. Oh, I would to live in a house like that one with a family like that one. It was so lovely. I'm awfully curious about Andreas. It will be my next read.