Shadow of the Moon - Sherrilyn Kenyon Well, I just finished reading Fury’s anthology. It’s very brief, full of action and funny, like Fury himself.I only read this anthology because the others have no interest to me – DH series is the only series I’m following right now – so Fury’s story is the only one I want to know about.I actually found endearing the fact that Angelia and Fury were meant to be mates. After all, they’ve known each other for centuries and they have always been closed – not to speak about of all the chemistry between the two of them. Really awesome. I loved seeing Vane again! ...Ok and Bride too. :D Trace is so cute. I just wanted to bite him… so fluffy and all. In short, I thought it was a cool anthology but I think Fury deserved a better novel for himself. It didn’t add anything new to the series but it was good to remember and be close to DH’s world.