Kiss of Midnight (The Midnight Breed, Book 1)

Kiss of Midnight - Lara Adrian I loved it! This first book of Midnight Breed series is just outstanding. In March I'm going to read as many books as I can! I'm truly addicted to those Breed warriors. I think I'm blood-lusting already. LolThe romance is just breathtaking. This universe is amazingly structured. Nothing was left behind. The book didn't even appear to have 402 pages. When I was reading it I didn't notice how the time went by. I didn't even acknowledged my hands turning the pages forward. I've already prepared the second and third book to read next. I'm very happy with this discovery although I regret that this author was put on hold because other readings. But better late than never, right?It was very easy to enter this new universe of vampires warriors. Not many authors have that effect on me. Even more rare is the urge to read more than one book by the same author without reading anything in between. It is pretty clear by now that I've already surrendered to the Breed Warriors. But then it's just impossible to resist Lucan - the first warrior that is introduced to us. He is the leader of the warrior class of The Breed. It was a marvellous decision to make Lucan the first one in the series. Vampires are a famous theme and regretfully an over exploited one. This trend just doesn't seem to end and it's getting boring - but today I found a new meaning for this theme with those sexy vampires. Lara Adrian's intense writing succeeded in making me rethink my opinion about vampires. What I loved most - besides the romance and the sexy bad guys - was that the whole plot and theme was treated seriously. As I said before, the whole book is wonderfully structured. It's all right to add a little humour but it isn't all right when the whole book has turned into a mixture of romance and stupidity and a world with no meaning at all. Lara Adrian's world just seems real and that is what makes it good. I'm curious about this world - I actually want to learn everything about it.Lucan, Dante, Rio, Gideon, Tegan, Conlan and Nikolai are just amazing. I was sad to read about Conlan's destiny because I really liked Danika but that was a necessary tragedy.I really liked all the Breedmates that are living at the compound as well. I just didn't know that Eva would reveal herself to be the ultimate bitch. It just pissed me off. A must read author. I'm already a fan of Lara Adrian.