Changing the Game: Play By Play Series, Book 2 (A Play-by-Play Novel)

Changing The Game  - Jaci Burton I was actually very interested in getting to know Gavin better and my expectations were a little high. But...a goatee? Really? That's just unsexy. Talk about anticlimaxes, huh? On the other hand, Elizabeth was a surprise. Right in front of my eyes she transformed from uberbitch to an interesting and captivating character. Mick pissed me off a lot in this book. What an attitude. Okay, it was understandable in the end why he acted like that but talk about keeping grudges. In terms of romance, I think the two books are at the same level. Regarding all the sex scenes though, I had the impression that Gavin's book was a little better written although there's that type of language that seems too fake to be real or any kind of romantic by that matter. I love you now lick my pussy. AHAH, god - that's funny. That just makes me laugh because I imagine this phrase being said with a slavic accent and that is just hilarious. This doesn't exactly happen in the book but you get the image of the type of scenes in the book.Nevertheless Jaci has again written a story behind hot scenes that's interesting and kept my interest so all in all, it was a good read. Especially because I got to see Nathan again. I really like the kid, I think the author should feature him more often.