Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson Series #4)

Bone Crossed  - Patricia Briggs I just finished Bone Crossed and I’m so pleased to read Mercy Thompson’s series. It gets better with each book I read. This 4th book in Mercy Thompson’s series talks about the vampires seethe. Once again we have the opportunity to learn more about the vampires that live in Tri-Cities. The previous book (about vampires) was not enough to know everything about them and so this book answers my curiosity. Marsilia – queen of Kennewick seethe – discovers that Mercy killed Andre. And with this revelation begins this new adventure of Mercy, the VW mechanic.About this book- or series in general – I have to say that I’m becoming addicted to it. With each new release I become more anxious to know about Mercy and all the characters of this series. I’m very content that I discovered Patricia Briggs’s talented writing. And this book is the best in the series – so far.The story is once again breathtaking. To be able to see more about Adam and Mercy was very good. I’m very happy just to see the two of them together and happy. What I like most about the author's writing is that although romantic scenes don’t appear very often; when they do they're beautiful. Even I feel the butterflies in my stomach. Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Adam and Mercy’s relationship is just intense.This “case” – as I’ve becoming to think of the adventures of Mercy - was not so mysterious in comparison with previous ones. Nonetheless it was just as challenging, try to understand all that was going through. I relish the fact that Chad appeared in this book. It’s a first in this series but he’s just a special kid. And a courageous one. It was so rewarding to see that a child like Chad was the most courageous character in the whole book. It brought tears to my eyes.I’m bewildered with Wulfe. I don’t trust him even though I like him. I don’t know what kind of vampire he is – really, truly evil or a vampire just like Stefan. And speaking of vampires what about Bernard’s maker? Those thoughts Mercy had are still ringing in my head. I’m curious about the next book, Silver Borne. I already saw the synopsis and I know that it’s about the Fae. The Fae that appeared in this book was just awesome and I really liked that symbolism at Mercy’s door – the oak. About pack and pack magic I hope to know more about that in the next book. I liked very much to read about that phenomenon – when the pack saved Mercy from her panic attacks… it’s just beautiful to read about a universe that was so well constructed. The way Mercy dealed with Aurielle – that’s why (and because many other numerous things) Mercy is my favorite heroine. The end was curious. It seems that everything is ok – at least this book does not have the tragic or desperate finale others had – but I know Mercy still has a lot to give to her readers.