For Darkness Shows the Stars

For Darkness Shows the Stars  - Diana Peterfreund 4,5 starsThis one is really close to a 5 star rating but not quite. Although I like Jane Austen, I haven't (yet) read Persuasion. Maybe this reading would have been different had I read Persuasion before this one but I don't think that that is something I need to worry about - much. I have to say I am thoroughly pleased with Diana Peterfreund's writing which makes me so excited to read Austen's book. Not knowing the story behind Persuasion was not a problem when it came to fall in love with the characters. Kai and Elliot sure make a wonderful couple and their story was rather intense in its own way. Ro and Dee also made this book worthwhile. But the thing is, I loved the world-building. I think the author created something wonderful and magical, complete with a scary dark side of things. This is a good dystopian world, one that has completely enchanted me. It helps that Diana's writing is beautiful with its descriptiveness and the way she envelops the reader in her world. I think she really has a knack to capture readers' attention with her words so cleverly put together. The finished product is a wonderful thing to behold.