Someone Like You - Sarah Dessen After my wonderful premiere with the book [b:The Truth About Forever|51737|The Truth About Forever|Sarah Dessen||1032900] my expectations for this read were awfully high. I started to read this book with the idea that it would be as perfect as the previous I had read and so I've got to say that I felt very disappointed when Someone Like You didn't meet my expectations. Although the book is really good it wasn't as good as I would've liked. I enjoyed the story line. I enjoyed reading about Scarlet's struggle and her story of courage. She really is an interesting character and I admire her for her strength. Halley was different. I would say that this book doesn't seem to focus that much on Halley. It focus on her relationship with her mother, on her relationship with Scarlet and on her relationship with Macon. But I felt the book was rather incomplete in the sense that it looks like the author only superficially talked about Halley. We read about her feelings when it comes to her friendship with Scarlet and about the problems she has with her mom. Then again we never truly get to know the real Halley (that was what I felt in the end). The development of her character seems rather insignificant in comparison to Scarlet's. It seems to me that Halley didn't stand out as the protagonist of the book and I was disappointed with the way Sarah Dessen chose to portrait her relationship with Macon. What the hell was that. It was pointless, really. That relationship is something I would rather forget. But the thing is, I've read this book in less than 24 hours and that has got to count for something. It is truly amazing that Sarah is able to write in such a manner that her readers cannot put her books down.