Charmed Thirds  - Megan McCafferty Wow.Wow.Wow.I must say that Jessica Darling series continues to amaze me with every new book I read. This third instalment has surprised me very very much. Although I was expecting to like it, I wasn't expecting to like it as much as the second book. And guess what? Yup. I do think that this book is, if not better, than as good as [b:Second Helpings|199687|Second Helpings (Jessica Darling, #2)|Megan McCafferty||2975812]. It was a roller coaster of emotions, from the beginning to the end. It seemed that I was actually Jessica and I was going through the routine as her, not with her. I was devastated with the bad moments she lived and ecstatic with the good ones. These books are continuously touching my heart. They tug at my emotions ruthlessly. I can really relate with these books - they have this tendency to become strangely realistic. I can really associate with the characters and all the problems that they have to face. I guess it's save to say that I do start to love this series. (Let's just hope that I can say the same when I finish reading the last two books.) P.S: I wasn't sure about the rating of this one but the 5 stars are deserved.Really, really - I want more: