Blaze of Memory (Psy-Changeling Series #7) - Nalini Singh I wasn't really expecting to read a book about Devraj from the Shine Foundation and he certainly wasn't a character that appealed to me in any way when I first came across him so I was really surprised when I realised that this book would feature Dev and Ashaya colleague, Ekaterina aka Katya.I was convinced that I wouldn't like this book because I'd much rather read about some sexy wolves but then again, Nalini decided to write this book in her very enticing way and so she managed to get my complete attention.In the end, I really liked this book. Not only because Dev and Katya were a very interesting couple to get to know but also because there was a whole new approach to the ever-lasting battle between Psy and Changelings. The Forgotten are an important part in this "war" and it was very good to see that they weren't in fact forgotten but instead, remembered. It was also very enlightening to see how and why these forgotten Psy are important for this universe.Very good! I'm so very excited with this series although I only have 4 more books to read.