The Search - Nora Roberts 3,5 stars I'm a huge fan of NR books and I'm proud to say that I've read almost everything she's ever written (including the ones she writes as J.D.Robb). The most recent books are the ones that I have to catch up with. I confess that by now all the books may seem similar but I can't get enough of Nora. She has a talent to write and she makes the best of it. Although I'm not a fanatic any more, from time to time I still appreciate very much her books. And I absolutely intend to read each and everyone of her books that exist in the market. It takes time and dedication but that's what it means to be a fan. The Search is a very good read. I've read worse and I've read better but considering everything this one is pretty well conceived. I've loved the characters and the dogs! Finally a new subject for NR novels. It was a good innovation!Considering all her recent books (the ones I've read, of course) I think this one may be one of the best. Let's wait until I read all the "recent" books.