Imitation in Death (In Death, #17) - J.D. Robb Another great book in In Death series. I've just finished Imitation In Death. This series is at its prime. J.D.Robb has been, for the past 4 books or so, excelling herself. It always amazes me the quality of this series. Book after book, the reader is surprised, totally compelled to this futuristic world where romance and crime walk hand in hand. I'm very content to note that the enthusiasm hasn't dimmed yet. Nor I hope it will. So, slowly I'm trying to pick up with the current releases. I sure have a long way to make. About Imitation In Death, as I already said, it was a great book. The case was one of the most intense and violent. It was carefully thought through, very well planned. J.D.Robb is even better than Nora Roberts at putting together a crime scene and that's pretty hard.It's been a long time since I've been utterly frustrated because I couldn't find the killer. I missed it - a lot. I was always wondering, making these assumptions that were never quite right. At some point I decided to stick with who I thought was the most likely person to fit the profile. In the end I actually pick the right one and wow - what a thrill!!In this book we see Eve dealing with an ex-lover of Roarke and I have to confess I am more jealous than Eve. I envy that particular characteristic of her. I wish I could be that cool and easy with other women that were part of my husband's past. But in end Eve dealt with that nuisance pretty nice to my enjoyment. Here's the quote that stayed with me throughout the book - " You were one of many." Eve lifted her hand, tapped her wedding ring with her thumbnail. "I'm the only. You don't worry me." What a blast!I really enjoyed seeing Peabody. I'm so happy for her! Her life - personal and professional - is just wonderful at the moment.I also enjoyed the fact that we see Eve - for the first time - wearing her uniform. What an exciting vision. That was a pretty cute picture and to think that she did that more for Peabody than for her, was very emotional. I really am thrilled. It's been a couple years since I first got in touch with the series and I'm equally content with it.